Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pink and Gold Holiday Table

Pink and Gold Tablescape

I've been on a pink and gold kick this holiday season. If I had done a tree, I was planning on this color scheme, but alas, there was no time or space for a tree this year, so I decided to unleash my glittery, glamorous ambitions on my tablescape. You may remember the "Angel in a Jar" decoration from my Thrifty Finds post last month. I was unsuccessful in freeing her from her prison, so I used her as is, with just the addition of a faux pearl necklace (I have yards of faux pearl garland around somewhere, but since I couldn't find it, just raided my jewelry box). I placed her on a small square beveled glass mirror with a gold frame (thrifted, $3.35), pulled out my Duralex Piccardy glasses in three different sizes to add to the centerpiece, along with some ornaments and more faux pearls from the jewelry box.

Pink and Gold Holiday Place Setting

My place settlings are gold leaf chargers topped with ironstone plates (I'm obsessed with white dishes) and pink glass rim soup plates. On top of these I've added another Duralex glass (I pick these up in the thrifts whenever I can find them) with a pink ornament inside and a glittery white snowflake off to the side. Under it all I've used a green tablecloth and a natural runner, which I think keeps the whole from being too precious. I've staggered silver candlesticks and two frosted hurricanes with glitter snowflakes on them down the runner. After I took the photo, I also added two glittery reindeer from Dollar Tree.

[caption id="attachment_278" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="I like to match my decor to my cat!"]Pink and Gold Holiday Place Setting[/caption]

As you can see, Quincy, who has green eyes, and a pink nose and pads on his feet, matches the decor perfectly. Maybe next year I'll get him some angel wings and a pedestal and he can be the centerpiece. You know, kinda like when stores have "live" mannequins in their windows sometimes.

Pink and Gold Holiday Place Setting

With the exception of the runner, which I think I got at Marshall's years ago, one set of the candlesticks, which were my grandmothers, and the hurricanes which were a gift, everything else on the table was thrifted and probably less than $20 all together, with many of the elements being things I can use at other times of the year and in different color schemes. So I hope you've enjoyed my table, and in case you were wondering, no I don't ever actually eat at it. And the cats aren't really ever allowed up there.

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