Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple Stylish Solutions: Breakfast Tray

I’ve had these giant glass jars forever. They were left sitting outside the recycling dumpster at my old apartment complex and were just too cute not to bring home. They’ve been used for various things over the years, including a display of Christmas ornaments, a collection of river rocks, and a failed terrarium. And they’ve been stored, unused, taking up precious cabinet space. I even moved with them, which felt somewhat ridiculous, packing up someone else’s trash and all, but I just love their size and proportions and you know what they say about one man’s trash. When the cat destroyed my laundry area/pantry and I did some rearranging along with the cleaning up of his mess I decided to pull these babies out and use them for cereal and granola bars. Rather than put them back on my shelves, I arranged them on an old wicker tray and had them sitting in the middle of my table, along with some ironstone bowls and spoons so morning cereal or midnight snacks are super easy and convenient to grab and I have just a bit more space in my cabinets and pantry - and who doesn’t need that. Plus it looks darn cute too.

This picture was taken after I had set up my table for St. Patty' s Day (coming soon) so I've moved the tray into the kitchen temporarily.

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