Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Year's Update

I don't typically "do" New Year's Resolutions, but this year I made a pledge of sorts to get rid of 365 things - one for every day of the year, and since we're half way through the year I thought it was a good time for an update (and a more organized list than my scribbled scraps of paper). Since I am an eBay seller, taking something from my personal space and adding it to my inventory "counts" as getting rid of even though it may technically still be hanging around here. So far I've cleaned through my skirts, pants, and shorts plus random things here and there. So without further adieu, here is my list.

1. Rusted metal loaf pan

2. Metal loaf pan
3. Pyrex 2 qt. pan
4. Pyrex 2 qt. pan
5. Pyrex 3 qt. pan
(I had a set of these and a set was left behind in my new oven so that is how I ended up with so many - I don't have any kind of weird collecting fetish - for pyrex cake pans anyway).
6. Hardback book
7-11. Magazines
12-14. Random clothing items
15. Ziplock bag full of cards, gift wrap sheets, calendars
16-17. Random clothing items
18-24. Plastic hangers
25. 6 mini-loaf pan pan
26. Beaded jacket
27-28. Christmas ornaments
29. Roller blades
30. Roller blade pads
31. Tan & white loafers
32-33. Old tax software
34. Sony Walkman
35. Small decorative trinket box
36-43. Books & magazines
44. Basket
45. Bag of shred for gift baskets
46. 50-pack cellophane treat bags
47. White blouse
48-51. - Heart shaped trinket boxes
52-58. - Random clothing items

59. J. Crew Marine Blue Beach Dress - SOLD
60. Carole Little Black Linen Tiered Dress - SOLD
61. Banana Republic Teal Silk/Cotton Dress - SOLD
62. Bebe Slim Black Pants - Listed HERE
63. Lilly Pulitzer Blue Skirt with Pink/Green Flowers
64. Lilly Pulitzer "Firecracker" Skirt - SOLD
65. Lilly Pulitzer "Zoo Patch" Lenore Skirt - SOLD
66. J. Crew White Lawn Cotton Peasant Skirt
67. Brown Giraffe Slip Skirt - SOLD
68. Gap Tan Cord Skirt - SOLD
69. Nine West Blue/Gray Wool Skirt - SOLD
70. Autograph Black Cotton Eyelet Skirt - SOLD
71. NY&Co Denim Skooter Skirt - SOLD
72. Ann Taylor Lime Linen Eyelet Dress - SOLD
73. Nicole Miller White Stretch Lace Tiered Dress - Listed HERE
74. Theory Light Wash Jeans - SOLD
75. Theory Med. Wash Jeans - SOLD
76. Talbots Gray Flannel Pants - SOLD
77. Eddie Bauer Red Capris - LISTED HERE
78. Old Navy Coral Capris - SOLD
79. H&M Pinstripe Pants - LISTED HERE
80. J. Crew Madras Capris - SOLD
81. Gap Cord. Jeans - SOLD
82. J. Crew Cord. Jeans - LISTED HERE
83 - 86. 4 Pairs Old Navy Shorts (Brown - SOLD, Khaki - SOLD, Blue, Pink)
87. Lands End White Shorts - SOLD
88. Ann Taylor Coral Shorts - SOLD
89. Gap White Shorts - LISTED HERE
90. Limited Brown Bermuda Shorts - SOLD
91. Tara Jones White Bermuda Shorts - LISTED HERE
92. Red Cross Over Top - Listed HERE
93. Carribean Joe Tropical Top - SOLD
94. Coldwater Creek Tropical Top - SOLD

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