Monday, February 4, 2013

The Macklemore Thrift Store Challenge - Sort Of

So last Friday YHL issued a challenge inspired by some rap song to take $20 to the TS to see what you could find. I loooove thrifting, so challenge accepted. Except then I hurt myself and stayed home in bed for 5 days. So challenge aborted. However I had been meaning to pull together another Thrifty Finds post, like I did here and here, so consider this my Sort of Macklemore Thrift Store Challenge post.

So what exactly does $20 buy you at the thrift store?

Total = $19.10 + tax = $20.25 (OK, so I had to run out to the car and root around under the seats for that extra quarter.)

Even though I'm a cat person, I couldn't resist this little dog's sweet face. I think he's perfect the way he is so he just sits on my living room built-ins atop a stack of plates and looks handsome.

 The chunky wooden candlesticks I first considered painting a bright color, like I did with Smurfy, but the finish was in good shape and their wooden tones seemed to go well with the colors in my hall bathroom shower curtain, so I styled them up on the back of the toilet tank along with a carved wooden box I've had, quite literally, forever (I think it was my mom's when she was little).

The forsythia yellow vase is currently on my pantry shelves holding the wooden skewers I was always stabbing myself with when they were in my kitchen utensil drawer, but I think they'd look sweet with bright fuchsia or orange flowers in them too or maybe just some twigs, green stuff, pussy willow branches or forsythia even.

The brass dish is solid brass and could use a little polish, but I love anything with an organic shape. It's currently in my hutch with other gold and white and brown winterish stuff.

The ginger jar lamps are on my buffet (also scored for just $20 over the summer). I'm still searching for cheap white drum shades (had a pair from Target but they were slightly different shades when lit at night and it bugged me, so they were returned). I'd like to maybe edge the shades (once I find a pair) in gold to match the ugly brass bases bases I'll redo with gold Rub 'n Buff as soon as I find the tube I know I have around here somewhere.

Most of the other stuff on the buffet is thrifted too.

When I first spied this wooden candelabra I was so disappointed because it was missing an arm. I continued on my way through the store when it dawned on me - they wouldn't have put it out missing an obvious piece like that (this is a pretty classy thrift) so I went back to scour the shelves for the missing arm and sure enough I found it! Fit it right back in and glued it when I got it home. There is a little seam that I'm sure I can fix with stain or a restore-a-finish type product. I used it in my Thanksgiving tablescape.

And finally the wooden coaster set, made by Gailstyn-Sutton, which is a division of Towle. I don't know why, but I've been really attracted to wooden items lately and I thought these had a pretty finish and were practical. The clerk had already finished ringing me up when she realized she'd missed these, so just threw them in because I was spending a lot that day (it was an inventory shopping day). I think they were supposed to be .75. They can be used as intended: under a frosty cold one, or as candle coasters for one of my million battery operated fake candles.

So those are a bunch of my more recent thrifty finds. It really is amazing how far $20 will go when you consider what cool housewares cost at even an inexpensive place like Target or Home Goods. You'd be lucky to walk out with one or two items for that.


Alison Burtt said...

Such great finds! And I just love your style. The buffet looks like it was done by a professional.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

angie said...

Nice score! I love the puppy :)

Katie said...

I want to go to your thrift store! I never find things like this! I love the turquoise lamps!

Liz Stevens said...

I'm in love with that dog! So sweet!


Luci @Bungalow At Home said...

Wow! Seriously good finds!

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