Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm the Proud New Owner....

...of the world's ugliest lamps. Seriously I don't even think spray paint can help these things. But they do seem to be a knock-off of a pretty pricey ($200+ Yikes) lamp, so maybe I'll clean them up and sell them (for much less).

Seriously, what were they thinking? Or maybe the question is what was I thinking? Oh yeah, the shades were nice and I'd been searching for plain white drum shades since before Christmas (they look like they're a different height here, but one lamp is just further back - remember perspective from elementary art class? Yeah, that's why - I think. I'm going to go measure right now and may have to cancel this post. If you're reading this, yes, my lampshades are the same size and you can stop holding your breath).

Who knew plain 'ol white lampshades would be so hard to find. I tried Marshall's, Home Goods, Big Lots, even Walmart, more than once. Nada. Target did have a pair I bought and returned because they were a little too large and not the same shade of white when they were lit (yeah, I know, I'm nutz). Not only were the starfish shades in perfect, near new condition, the size was perfect, they're a nice linen-y fabric, and although not pure white, I'm OK with their slightly naturalish tone. Oh, and the best part? Lamps and all they were only $10. As an added bonus, the cords are also brand new and since I usually like to replace cords on secondhand lamps I might harvest these.

The shades are for my turquoise urn lamps that I got for $9/pair. Yes, they've been sitting there with naked bulbs since about November. I'm classy like that.

And as soon as I find my Rub 'n Buff to make over the brass parts, I will get together another Thrifty Lamp Make-Over post. I've been looking for that Rub 'n Buff for months now.

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