Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organizing Problem Areas

I recently purchased Organize Now! A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life by Jennifer Ford Berry and while I haven't started in on it yet (I'm in the middle of a big furniture redo which I hope to share shortly and which IS actually part of my big picture plan to organize my stuff better) I have started a list of my problem areas and possible solutions that I wanted to share. Sorry for the lack of pictures this time around, I promise I'll share my messy spaces and hopefully my newly organized ones as I tackle them.

Problem - Shoes everyhere; stacked, closed picnic baskets don't get used because they're not convenient
Possible Solution – Open basket under chair

Kitchen Countertops
Problem - Bills, Junk Mail, Catalogs, Circulars and Coupons Everywhere
Possible Solution – Bills in brown leather tote in bedroom near bill paying box; junk mail in trash; circulars/coupons in basket on top of fridge; catalogs in basket on top of fridge

Problem - Recycling always overflowing; no real place for it
Possible Solution – plastic tote on shelf above washer/dryer

Problem - Wet dishtowels, kitchen towels etc everywhere, can’t go in wash basket/hamper with other clothes because they’re wet
Possible Solution – small plastic trashcan in kitchen cabinet

Problem - Laundry overflow into kitchen
Possible Solution - Besides the obvious of doing laundry more often, not sure yet. Some kind of sorting system? Keep in bedroom closet until time to wash?

Problem - Junk drawer overflowing; No drawer for dishtowels/potholders
Possible Solution – Small set of drawers in back of laundry area for tools, junk; current junk drawer can house kitchen linens

So I think those are the main ones; I do actually have a few systems in place (I'll share these as I go) that just need their periodic tidying up and I think once I have things shifted around to make better use of my available storage and do a decent clean-out of things I no longer use (I've pledged to get rid of 365 things this year - one for each day) it will all fall into place.

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