Monday, January 31, 2011

Sneak Preview

I've been hard at work rehabbing a china cabinet I got at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for, get this, $101 and change. And that includes the delivery charge! Cha-ching. Truth be told I prefer buffets, but I have next to no space in the dining area and this was nice and shallow and with the cats there are things I'm just not comfortable displaying on open shelves. I'm at the "I hate painting" stage on this but I'm hoping with a few more snow days to finish it up soon.

Pretty ugly isn't it?

But it will hold a 12 pound cat.


Or two.

I'm still working on the top part, but while we wait, I'll go ahead and show off the (nearly) finished buffet. I still need to get the right length screws for the handles (they came with two sizes, both too long).

See that blue swirly bowl on the bottom? I have never, ever had a place to put that when it wasn't in the middle of the table. Love! I have put the side doors back on since taking this photo.

That little drawer is perfect for silverware. It was lined in black velvet, kinda yucky, so for now I've put in some burlap I had left over from my framed silverware project and I may get some little dividers or organizers for it.

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