Friday, October 12, 2012

A Key Change

On a quick trip to Target the other week for cat food I spied a whole slew of cute accessories from Target's new house brand, Threshold. The current collection features classic equestrian and menswear inspired themes and fabrics, lots of texture, and great warm, fall-inspired colors. I couldn't resist this doormat, featuring the skeleton key from their logo to spruce up my front entrance. 

I had actually seen a really similar one a year or so in a Garnet Hill catalog, which was actually on sale enough for me to consider ordering it, but it was sold out by the time I got my catalog and logged on so I was beyond thrilled to find this one at Target for the really reasonable price of $12.99. 

Just for fun, I pulled together a small collection of some of the other items I really loved too - the chunky felt basket with nautical rope handle, the herringbone basket with equestrian-inspired leather trim, the leaf/flame print doormat (I seriously may go back and get this for the back door), the orange fox pillow and cozy orange plaid throw.

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