Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Hocus Pocus

I have a little confession to make: I did my Halloween decorating at the end of September. I know. My intention was to start small with just a few pumpkins to get in the mood, but while I had the box out I just went for it. For some reason, this year summer seemed to vanish in a flash and it was suddenly full on fall with no transition time at all so just moving right into Halloween so early didn't seem too out of place. I only decorated one small space: my china hutch and used all things I had on hand with the exception of the black and white striped balloon lights (from Target - $12). Come to think of it, I think it was the desire to get those lights out that got me going on this project so early in the first place.

Crows are all from the craft store, pumpkins are craft store and Joann's Fabrics, platter is part of my iron stone collection picked up at thrifts here and there.

Crow silhouettes are from Dollar Tree last year or the year before - I looked for them again this year, but no dice. 

Bat print is a cocktail napkin from Target from last year or the year before.

Nest is made from a feather boa with plastic bag stuffed underneath to keep the eggs from sinking, and the eggs are raided from the Easter box (I pulled all the putrid green ones).

Crow silhouette tapped onto a plate with a printed black border - this is actually a new addition for this year - picked it up at a thrift with just this in mind for it. The owl is a Christmas ornament from Target last year.

The owl candle (he's battery operated and works on a timer!). I picked it up at a thrift for a few bucks, but when I couldn't figure out the timer (you don't set on/off times, it just runs for 5 hours from the time you first turn it on, and then turns back on at the same time every day - so simple!) I started googling and it turns out, he's still available at QVC for $18! 

The wooden candelabra is from a thrift and picked up thinking it looked kind of spooky and Halloween-y. I was going to paint it gray, but I'm grooving on natural wood as of late, so I'm glad I left it (besides, it would probably be half finished if I'd tried to paint it). The glittery witch hat, I have no recollection of ever buying or getting - maybe it came in some flowers? I tried to put it on Chloe when she was little to take her "Halloween  portrait" but she just keep trying to eat it. 

So anyway, that's it for this year's Halloween decorations - just pretty much used the same things I do every year (I have way too much Christmas cwap to start in on a huge Halloween collection), just rearranged a bit for variety.

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