Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Great Christmas Clean-Up

Hahaha, no I didn't wait until the end of January to take down my Christmas decorations - I'm not one of those people. The stuff came down I think on New Year's day, but I'm just now getting around to blabbing about it (yes, I am one of those people, and since the photos were done, I figured better late then never).

I did a theme tree this year for the first time ever because it just seemed like too much effort to get out every last special, collected ornament that needed to be individually unboxed and unwrapped and then rewrapped and reboxed to put away. I went with plain cheap-o balls from thrift stores and Walmart and some sparkly stuff from the Dollar Tree - all pretty much unbreakable and/or no big deal if it did. Putting it away was super duper easy too. Like items went in zip lock bags, zip lock bags went in small plastic totes, small plastic totes got stacked up on the top shelf of the linen closet.

Oh, and I scribbled on an index card what was in each tote to make pulling stuff out next year easier too. It may not be as cute as having pretty printed boxes or lidded baskets up there, but I like the practicallity of being able to see what's what without having to get everything out next year either.

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