Monday, September 13, 2010

I can't cook but I set a fabulous table

You thought this post was going to be about the table setting didn't you? Surprise, I'm writing about cooking tonight, which I realize has nothing to do with style, but I don't care. I'm about as far from a "foodie" as you can possibly get, if I could eat cereal every day for every meal I'm pretty sure that would be fine. Anyway, once in awhile I get the inspiration to cook something, and I made some yummy pasta tonight that I wanted to share with all of you other "non-cooks" out there.

I had basil, tomatoes, onion, and zucchini from the garden - and the best part is they were not from my garden (I'm not good with plants either). I boiled some water, even us non-cooks can handle that, right? While that was going on, I threw some basil leaves, olive oil, and parm cheese into the mini food processor and whipped those up into a pesto. Then I cut up some of the red onion into small dice, cut a few yellow tomatoes into small chunks, sliced some grape tomatoes into wheels, and cut some zucchini into matchstick pieces. None of this was measured in any way. I poured some olive oil into a medium frying pan, added my cut veggies all at once and let it cook for the length of time (7 mins.) it took to cook the mini bow tie pasta. When the veggies were soft and broken down I stirred the pesto into the mix and let it heat, then drained the pasta and added a few blobs of my "sauce" on top. Mmmmmm. And I have enough for tomorrow night too.

I guess to keep this at least a little bit on topic, I can tell you about the table setting. I've used lavender, blue, and green plaid placemats and napkins from Pier One Imports, silverleaf chargers from the thrift store, repro Jadeite plates from Marshall's, and pink pressed glass soup plates from the thrift store at each place. The middle of the table has a bamboo runner, tarnished silver candlesticks, and a decorative glass bowl. The silverware is a fiddlehead style from Pottery Barn which I scored at the thrift for .10/piece.
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