Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey: Place Settings That Is

It's hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is only a week away so time to do a little seasonal decorating and tablescaping. I picked up a few napkins from Target's new Threshold line - they have a feather painted on in gold and I thought they were just so pretty at only $2/each. I've layered them with my Ralph Lauren Claire dishes, a gold leaf charger, wooden tiled place mats, and the orange linen tablecloth left from Halloween.

I love the glint of the gold mixed with the more rustic wooden pieces. It just looks so warm and cozy to me.

The centerpiece is a wooden candelabra (needs candles still) and two amber glass forcing jars that I've added tea lights to. 

The china cabinet also got a little restyling - probably the most traditional it's ever been with actual china in it this time, although I still like to mix things up with mis-matched pieces and asymmetrical groupings. The tureen is a Wedgewood piece, the brown and white transferware is Johnson Brothers "Friendly Village" pattern. I also kept some of my Halloween pumpkins around.

I'm still not over my little owl, so he's still out along with a Johnson Bros. ironstone plate in the background.

My owl candle is also still out, along with some amber stemware that I just love

Another random tureen (I love ironstone for mixing and matching) and some cute wooden bowls over on the side.

More of the Friendly Village and the amber stemware. 

And one last shot of the stemware - I just love how it glows.

The majority of this stuff was all thrifted, except the Friendly Village pieces, where were actually, ummmm, trashpicked rescued.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Terrarium Time

Part of my Hurricane Sandy prep included dragging all the patio stuff into my living room. Yep, there was no food in the house, but my crap wasn't going to blow through anyone's window. When I went to drag it back outside a few days later, I took a look at my sad little succulent plants in their strawberry pot. I'm not "on the succulent bandwagon" so to speak, they're just the only thing I can keep alive because I'm not good at watering anything that doesn't come begging (note: the kitties always have water, one just likes to beg for the faucet to be turned on for him). Anyway, I remembered Katie's Pinterest Challenge terrarium project and the fact that I had purchased a jar to make one some time ago, so I got it out along with some rocks I had on hand (I think they were Dollar Tree vase filler) and went to town.

Rocks on the bottom, plants with whatever dirt they came out of their original pots with arranged in no particular order, more rocks around the edges, cute little clay house I had on hand, water, lid, done.

While this is not exactly a Pinterest Challenge Project (don't have a single terrarium pinned) since it was inspired by someone else's Challenge Project, I'm going to go ahead and link up here and here.

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