Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition: Jewelry Display Board

The project I did for this quarter’s Pinterest Challenge (hosted by John & Sherry, Katie, Ana, and Erin) was an easy one. I had a small space behind my bedroom door to fill and needed a solution for organizing and storing some of my jewelry for easy access – I have a huge jewelry box in my closet but it is full of so much inherited stuff it is hard to get to the pieces I want to wear every day and there are some great vintage pieces I’d wear more if I remembered I had them, so I thought an open display that I could periodically change out pieces on might get more of my stuff into circulation. It always cracks me up when Nate Berkus suggests leaving your jewelry in a crystal bowl or a nice tray on the dresser. Obviously he doesn’t have cats and doesn’t know they are in love with all things shiny and think the world is their plaything. Hanging was the way to go for me.

I’ve seen a bunch of these little bulletin board displays and pinned a few, like this one:

And this fabulous giant one:

And if I wanted to be really ambitions, I could do a gallery like this:

For my own project, I used a small thrift store bulletin board that I had picked up some time back, it was maybe $3. I spray painted it back when I did my $10 laundry room makeover (which ironically, or maybe not) was also kind of a Pinterest inspired re-do. I also picked up the fabric – a clearance remnant – when I was at the fabric store getting the muslin I used on the bulletin board for the laundry room, again $3ish or so dollars I think for a nice home dec fabric, which I’m sorry I don’t remember the name or brand of. I dug a few cup hooks out of my on-hand hardware, drilled holes in the frame and put them in place, tucked some scrap paper under the frame and spray painted with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.

To apply the fabric, I just cut it a little larger than the inner frame and used a credit card to push it in under the frame – no glue or anything. I had some long, pearl headed pins from a floral bouquet that I stuck in at the top to hang the jewelry from (I need more of these) and I use the hooks for rings and earrings (Remember, kitties, so long necklaces hanging down from the hooks = NoNo. They jump. High).

So here it is, my completed project:

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