Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Great Christmas Clean-Up

Hahaha, no I didn't wait until the end of January to take down my Christmas decorations - I'm not one of those people. The stuff came down I think on New Year's day, but I'm just now getting around to blabbing about it (yes, I am one of those people, and since the photos were done, I figured better late then never).

I did a theme tree this year for the first time ever because it just seemed like too much effort to get out every last special, collected ornament that needed to be individually unboxed and unwrapped and then rewrapped and reboxed to put away. I went with plain cheap-o balls from thrift stores and Walmart and some sparkly stuff from the Dollar Tree - all pretty much unbreakable and/or no big deal if it did. Putting it away was super duper easy too. Like items went in zip lock bags, zip lock bags went in small plastic totes, small plastic totes got stacked up on the top shelf of the linen closet.

Oh, and I scribbled on an index card what was in each tote to make pulling stuff out next year easier too. It may not be as cute as having pretty printed boxes or lidded baskets up there, but I like the practicallity of being able to see what's what without having to get everything out next year either.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Kickin' Around

I finally got around to doing a small upgrade to something that's been bugging me about my master bathroom. I have a dark, espresso vanity but the toe kick area underneath is blond and always looked unfinished to me the way the side pieces were constructed. The previous owners bought it on deep discount when they did some upgrades for sale, so I don't know if it was missing a piece or what, but I can see it clearly when I'm laying in bed an it just bugs me.

I had all the supplies I needed on hand - a roll of grasscloth-look wallpaper I'd picked up at a thrift for $3, a can of wallpaper primer picked up at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, also around $3, some foamy brushes, painters tape, a sanding block, and a wide plastic scraper.

I've never wallpapered anything before and never used the primer, so I was kind of surprised by its appearance - I don't know why but I expected white. The can said it was fine if it froze and thawed which I thought was a possibility because of where it came from, and the can didn't look to old or anything, so I assume it is supposed to look like this.

I followed the instructions for paneling, since that was as close to the surface I was dealing with as the instructions came. I did a quick sanding with the sanding block, wiped the dust off and taped off the floor with painting tape and a few pieces of copy paper.

The primer went on clear so it was hard to see where I had applied it and where I hadn't, but I  could sort of go by feel. While it was drying, I cut my strips of wallpaper to size and after the primer dried the recommended two hours, I soaked the wallpaper strips in the sink for 15 seconds per the directions and then smoothed it on with the plastic scraper. The first piece didn't stick very well (I think I had it rolled too tight when I soaked it and it didn't get wet enough on one end) so I just peeled it back and sprayed it with a spray bottle. The direction said there was no repeat, but the seams are slightly visible. Because of the location they are not obvious, but if I used it on the backs of a bookcase or something I'd want to get it lined up better.

After it dried over night, I cut off the excess along the top with a utility knife, and voila - a much more finished appearance with about 30 minutes worth of work (not counting drying time).

I have some parsons legs I bought for another project that I changed directions on, so if I can figure out how to get the screws out or sawn off I plan to stain those dark and put them under there to give more of a furniture appearance. That should happen, oh, sometime in the next decade or so.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Operation Eliminate Wrap Up....

I made a "pledge" last New Year's (I don't do resolutions) to eliminate 365 things - one for each day of the  year. Some of the stuff I'm donating, some I'm tossing, and some I'm listing on eBay - which means its not technically gone but I'm OK with that as it is going.  Also I don't count things I bought specifically to list in this count, unless it's been listed and I'm pulling it to donate. So with 2011 official over, let's continue the list I started here and see where I ended up with my goal:

95-97. Coupla old t-shirts
98. Old Navy black flip flops
99. Old toile pillow cover

100. White t-shirt
101. Green dust ruffle
102. Tan silk jacket
103. Black UCW nightgown
104. Girls yellow dress
105. Banana Republic cashmere boyfriend sweater (small repair)
106. Toile pillow cover
107.McCall's pattern
108-109. French language texts/workbooks
110-111. Italian dictionary/verb dictionary
112. 101 Great.... Book
113-124. Martha Stewart, Country Living & Victoria magazine back issues
125. Bundle of hanging files
126. Bundle of manilla file folders
127. Witches hat
128-130. 3 pair thigh high stockings
131. 3-pack black stockings
132. Flannel boxers
133. Pink flannel pj pants
134. Blue LL Bean sweater
135. Gap black/gray houndstooth sweater
136. Gray A&F sweatpants
137. Pink sweatpants
138. Coral Ann Taylor Loft sweater
139. Olive AEO cords
140-141. 2 pair blue pj pants
142. Lucky brand floral cardi (small repair)
143. Blue fleece/satin PJs
144. Lilly Pulitzer green polo
145. Emma James yellow cardi
146. Pipe Dreams aqua cardi/jacket
147. Fleece lined winter boots
148. Black mule sandals
149. Black Lord & Taylor t-strap shoes
150-151. 2 pair Isotoner ballet slipper slippers

152. Naturalizer black mules - Listed HERE
153. Pink Aerosoles shoes - Listed HERE
154. Stuart Weitzman dressy black peu de soie pumps - Listed HERE
155. Aigner pink flowered flat sandals - Listed HERE
156. Rockport ankle strap shoes - Listed HERE
157. Keds blue suede sneakers
158. Very Fine Dancesport silver ballroom dance shoes - Listed HERE
159. Merona brown wedge sandals - Listed HERE
160. Nine West black loafers
161. Jones NY brown suede loafers
162. Tweed bermuda bag cover
163. Deane & White black embroidered sweater - Listed HERE
164. J. Crew fair isle sweater - SOLD
165. Ann Taylor NWT brown sweater - SOLD
166. Nine West blue embroidered sweater - Listed HERE
167. Valerie Stevens black beaded sweater
168. Silver cat earrings - Listed HERE
169. Mexican abalone/enamel leaf earrings - Listed HERE
170. Siam Sterling/white enamel bracelet - SOLD
171. Boho fish earrings - Listed HERE
172. Taxco spider earrings - SOLD
173. Co. Store Cherry sheet set - Listed HERE
174. NY & Co. black shirt - SOLD
175. Ann Taylor black shirt - SOLD
176-177. Banana Republic black and tan tanks - SOLD
178. Gap dark wash trouser jeans - SOLD
179. Military Crest clip on earrings - SOLD
180. Ann Taylor Loft jeans - Listed HERE
181. Set of 8 wine glasses - Listed HERE
182. Wamsutta blue plaid bed skirt - Listed HERE
183-186. 4 issues of House Beautiful - Listed HERE
187-189. 3 issues Traditional Home - SOLD
190. Charter Club pink cashmere sweater - SOLD
191. MS Weddings / Fall 2911 - SOLD
192-196 J. Crew shorts (navy, gray, khaki, stone, tan)
197. Born wedge sandals - Listed HERE
198. Theory green tweed skirt - Listed HERE
199. Mexican sterling mask earrings - Listed HERE
200. Kasper olive green pantsuit - Listed HERE
201. Carole Little floral dress - Listed HERE
202. Banana Republic brown wool pants - Listed HERE
203-204. Siam sterling bracelets - Listed HERE and HERE
205. Siam sterling button earrings - Listed HERE
206. Beau seagull pin - Listed HERE
207. INC purple embroidered dress - Listed HERE
208. Ann Taylor Loft green tweed skirt - Listed HERE
209. Marcasite/amethyst earrings - Listed HERE
210-211. Ann Taylor Loft jeans - Listed HERE and HERE
212-215. Fleetwood China pieces (cream & sugar, cups & saucers, gravy, fruit bowls)
216. Gap denim skirt - Listed HERE
217. Banana Republic denim trousers - Listed HERE
218. Hematine clip earrings - Listed HERE
219. Craft panel - Listed HERE
220. Old Navy blue capris - Listed HERE
221-222. Two wood mounted rubber stamps - SOLD
223. Banana Republic poncho - SOLD
224. Brass triangle earrings - SOLD

225. Aqua tuxedo top
226-229. Printed t-shirts
230. NWT pink sequin sweater
231. Banana Republic brown silk blouse
232. Orange vintage scarf
233. Black/pink floral tank
234. Red plastic cookie container
235. Clinique card holder

So I didn't quite make it to my goal. I have a bunch of stale eBay inventory I'm ready to pull and donate, but they keep running free listing specials and I've managed to sell some stuff that's been hanging around forever, so I keep giving it a whirl. I also got as far as pulling all of my sweaters out of my drawers and putting them in a basket to go through, still trying to find time to do that. Oh well, 2012 is another year and I'm 235 things lighter.
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