Saturday, August 21, 2010

Disguising Shower Doors

Like many master bathrooms, mine has sliding shower doors, which leaves the bathroom pretty plain and cold looking. To add a layer of interest I bought an extra set of curtain panels to match the bedroom ones (I was lucky to get three matching pairs at a thrift store for $8/pair that are just a little darker than my walls and have a delicious sheen and texture). I purchased a tension shower rod in brushed nickel from Walmart and hung it higher than a standard shower curtain to accommodate the 84" length of the curtain panel (a typical shower curtain at 72" would not have been long enough to cover the door and reach all the way to the floor, but it would work if you are ok with the curtain only covering the doors and the white from the shower surround showing at the bottom). I purchased S-shaped shower curtain rings at Target for less than $10/pack and instead of making button holes in the top of the curtain, I just sewed them tightly in place to the front of the curtain.

A trick I use to make the sewing go faster is to double the thread then thread it through the needle, then double again before knotting, so you're sewing with 4 strands each time you pass the needle through the fabric. Using this method I only needed to stitch through twice before knotting off and moving on to the next ring.

Once I had all six rings in place I just hooked them over the rod, and voila! Instant dressiness and camouflage. I'm still contemplating wallpaper on the ceiling to add some color in here because it's still a little beige, but that's a project for another time.

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