Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Easter Table Even Twitter Would Love

Hello! Easter is Sunday so a week (or two?) ago I changed out my St. Patty's Day table for a spring-ier one.

I started with a Robin's egg blue linen tablecloth. My table is rectangular, the tablecloth is square. Stuff like this doesn't bother me, I just centered it and let the wooden table ends show; other times I've tossed it on diagonally and even round ones work if you fold them down to make a runner. Instead of placemats I put a folded Pier 1 napkin in similar blue tones beneath each plate - the end hangs down over the edge of the table. All of the linens were thrift store finds.

My place setting consists of repro jadeite dinner plates and chicken themed salad plates - both of these came from Marshall's many moons ago. The cottage floral napkins are also super old and I've folded them into a pocket and tucked my silverware inside. Each setting also has a footed hobnail milkglass goblet and a fun bird-themed glass, all thrifted.

In lieu of a runner, I've placed two pierced milkglass plates and two round sunflower mirrors (Isn't the color horrible for a sunflower? And so plastic-y too! They're destined for a makeover at some point, but the color worked with my theme even though green sunflowers are weird) down the center of the table.

For a centerpiece, I placed two milkglass bowls on top of the plates and nested some gold glittery birds left from Christmas into them. I don't do plastic Easter grass because of the furries (it is dangerous like tinsel if they eat it, and the boy kitty likes to eat random things he finds) so I shredded some newspaper to make the nests - eh, it needs work, but will do for now.

On top of the mirrors I placed some small apothecary jars, you may remember one of them from this thrift shop post, and filled them with some cute pastel eggs from Michael's, the only thing I bought for this display. The colors are not too sugary sweet and they have little speckles which don't show up very well in the pictures. I also put two of them in little egg cups which I think are the cutest serving piece anyone ever invented.

So there you have it, my sort of Easter-y, bird-themed spring tablescape.

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