Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let's Leave the Trees to the Professionals, Shall We?

I was pretty happy with how my Christmas tree turned out this year, until I visited Longwood Gardens that is and saw all of the gorgeous, professionally trimmed trees. Their theme was gingerbread this year and they managed to incorporate it into almost all of the more traditional trees and wreaths, and each area sort of had its own theme too. On entering the greenhouse, the smell of lilies was overpowering, but in a good way. The first "room" was done up in red and white, this year's big trend, but not really my favorite color scheme (I've always been a "non-traditional" gal when it comes to Christmas colors). All the trees are live and this one had huge hydrangea (I think) blooms in it and was surrounded by the fragrant lilies.

Next up was more red and white and silver in this huge trio of trees. 

They had balls made from red rose petals (not pictured) and some sort of silvery white leaves (see below) that we really liked.

The gingerbread room smelled divine and had a fun candy theme in addition to the gingerbread. There was a toy train and fat colored lights, along with traditional gingerbread men ornaments strung together in an unexpected garland.

These gingerbread cones flanked one of the lawn areas that had silvery trees done up in green and gingerbread ornies (you can see just a peek of one in the background). This would be a fun look to recreate on a small scale for a dessert buffet or kitchen table (all the cookies were shellacked and had warning labels not to eat them - sad that you even have to tell people that. They were up on pedestals and not nearly has huge as they look in the photo - maybe about 4 feet tall.

Probably my favorite tree was the one in the solarium area of the farmhouse - it was decked out in glam silver and plum but also included natural elements like pine cones and gingerbread cookies shaped like maple leaves. I think they got the contrast between natural and glamorous just right and I'll be hunting down some purple and plum ornies for my tree.

I also really liked this tree done up in white, silver, and light green. It was a white pine (I think) with long silky needles which isn't typical for a Christmas tree, but so pretty.

So these are just some highlights, hopefully you'll get some good ideas and not feel like your own tree is inadequate (I do still really love mine). If you want to see Longwood Gardens in the spring, click here

I'm linking this to Thrift Decor Chick's Tree Party, be sure to stop over and see all the lovely trees people have done.

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Miss Maple said...

That's a really stunning collection of Christmas trees. Would like to have seen it myself. Have a great new year 2012. Hugs from Germany!

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